Our Core Values

The Backbone of Our Business

Our Core Values speak to how we work together as a team every day to fulfill our mission as we move towards realizing our grander vision. They are interdependent, collectively creating an organizational environment that enables our team to perform at their highest levels, delivering the very best to our customers and to one another.

We Are Customer Focused

At the core of every interaction is a commitment to our customer. We work tirelessly to provide them with the best products and support available in the marketplace. We hire entrepreneurs, and in a large sense each one of us is the owner of a small business - the “business” being the unique role we each serve within the company. As entrepreneurs, we appreciate our customers tremendously.

We have the best sales and service team in the industry because we place this core value first. I am always motivated by the energy I see our team display when working with our partners in the field, welcoming folks to our booth at events, and seeing the care our service team delivers over the phone to help our customers. - Dan H., President in Corp/Admin
The CE Shop Sales Team

We Respect Each Other

Our collective talents energize and unify us. By treating each other - and our customers - as equals, we are capable of achieving so much more than we ever could individually.

Every department here is in close communications to ensure we are doing what’s best and right for each student, the student’s experience is what comes first in every situation. Each department works very closely together to ensure we are following all rules put forth by each state and we are giving each student the best and most accurate information with every call/chat/email coming in. - Sarah G., On-line Chat Representative in Customer Sales and Service
Members of the Customer Service Team

We Do What We Say

No matter our role or responsibilities, we are all leaders at The CE Shop. We know that one of the best ways to grow as effective leaders is by doing what we say we will do.

A lot of organizations have core values. Some even go as far as to put them up on their wall. At The CE Shop, we LIVE our core values every day and they drive individual and organizational objectives and actions. We recognize team members who demonstrate our core values and also hold each other accountable to them. They are also on the wall and look great! - Mike M., Vice President of Education and Curriculum in Curriculum
The CE Shop Marketing Team
Our shared Core Values are the foundation of our company. They provide the framework by which our team continues to achieve greatness year after year. These values have attracted an exceptional team of peers who strive to live and lead by them each day in all our interactions. The entire team knows and respects that when we live within our Core Values, we have the freedom to stretch and experiment pushing everyone at The CE Shop to higher and higher levels of achievement. - Michael M., CEO

We Are Committed to Improving

Our customers know that they need to continually expand their skills and knowledge in order to serve their real estate clients well and to thrive professionally. This can be challenging, as business is complex and constantly changing. We make it easier for our customers by delivering a high-quality, interactive educational experience.

Going along with the status quo is not what we do here, no matter how much work is involved in getting to the next level. If we see something isn't working or if there's a chance to make it better, we do it. It's refreshing to work for a company where new ideas for improving are encouraged. I always feel supported by my team and I know they are not only rooting for the success of the company, but also my own. - Meghan M., Marketing Strategy Manager in Marketing
The CE Shop Team

We Have Fun

The CE Shop is a team that truly has fun with one another. We firmly believe that having fun keeps you young at heart, and that enjoying what you do leads to loving what you do.

The CE Shop is the most fun place to work because the company understands who we are, what we like to do, and how to achieve those goals. I have never been with a team who wants to make us feel at home like The CE Shop. - Austin G., Creative Manager
The CE Shop Halloween

We Give Back

Why do we give back? Because we genuinely care about others. Because giving is far more fulfilling than getting. Because, ultimately, it’s the right thing to do. As the leaders in our industry, we are fortunate enough to be able to give back and we do so through The CE Shop Foundation, our Day of Giving Program, and the Backpack Program. These efforts continue to grow year-over-year as more of our customers, partners, and employees participate in these unique programs.

I had no idea when we started The CE Shop Foundation that we would impact as many lives as we have. Knowing that the contributions of our team and students feed thousands of children and their families every single month brings enormous satisfaction to me both personally and professionally. - Michael M., CEO
Our Team at the 2019 Elephant Rock Ride